A professional breading system usually consists of
  1. predust
  2. batter
  3. breader, crumb or again predust

We offer a wide variety of predusts and batters towards your needs.

【Product Details】
Product type Baking ingredients
Certification FSSC 22000, HACCP, ISO22000, Halal
Shelf life 12 month
Type Predust
Pre-Dip Batter Mix (Batter)
Dry mix batter
Package Customization
Minimum Order Quantity 1 ton
Port Kaohsiung / Keelung, Taiwan
Payment T/T
Supply ability 100 Ton/month
Others OEM available. We can do the packing as you want
Our predust adheres optimally to the substrate, binds the moisture on the surface of the substrate, creates a rough substrate outer surface and ensures an optimal binding between substrate and batter. The main characteristic for a predust is moisture absorption. This is decisive in helping the batter to adhere to the substrate and give a crispy, fried batter layer after preparation.

Pre-Dip Batter Mix (Batter)
Pre-Dip Batter Mix is easy to use, just add water and used as an egg wash replacement. It makes a superior adhesion batter forming an intermediate binding layer that produces a healthier entree by preventing oil/fat absorption. Pre-Dip seals in juices, moisture and nutrients, increases adhesion, crispness, and prevents blow off during frying.

Dry Mix Batter
Used as the surface layer on substrate (no water added) and delivers a delicate and crunchy bite.

【Product Applications】
Use on a wide variety of foods including fish, seafood, poultry and meat. Excellent on fish steak, fried shrimp, squid, fried chicken, pork chop, popcorn chicken, chicken nuggets, chicken fingers and etc.
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